Wednesday, 28 October 2015

File Names

I recently had to make a large planning application via the Planning Portal, for those readers not in the UK, its an online web site that allows us to make electronic planning applications, using pdf files.

The pdf file upload area demands specific file names and my Vectorworks file name format, is not compatible, so I had to spend some 1/2 hour going through the separate pdf files generated and change each file name to suite. this all covers the Heritage statement, we made, plus the D&D statement.

It's time I could have use else were, so you can imagine I was not best please having to alter some 20 file names, and use the online help file to understand why "&" could not be used, beats me !, ie D&A-statement, I eventually gave it a correct file name jobnumber-drawing number/rev.pdf,
159970-23-A.pdf note only one "." to show the extension format.

I try to get it into my students the importance of a correct file name, and the correct use of revision
 numbers, and any drawing they send me, I will send back work thats not labeled correctly.

Todays photo is the logo I think I will use in the header, still giving it some thought.

The web site is still live to I can link to past articles using Zemanta, so use the links below to read slightly related past posts. As soon as I overcome the file size problem of exporting from Wordpress to Blogger, I will upload all the past posts.

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