Sunday, 8 November 2015

Can we drop 2D CAD drafting

I had a conversation with several people recently re the way we draw, and as we progress through the 3D path, would it be possible to drop 2D CAD drafting. I must admit, 90% of my work is still 2D, but I see the benefits of drawing in 3D, so perhaps the next big project will be the one I turn a corner with, and reduce the %.

But, yes it's that word again, But, even when I draw in 3D, the sections created require I draw in 2D, simply because the internal portions of any wall style is void of anything.

So here is my thoughts on getting the detail at least partially drawn, and as I use Vectorworks primarily, that what I will talk about here.

First lets look at the easiest to sort, brick coursing, we all use bricks, and their size varies from country to country, but their size is known, and the base point or the point at which coursing begins is also known.

I see two alternatives, use

  • Marionette to add coursing to any section, from the base point, 
  • Have the wall style, have the ability to use top of foundation, and work out the coursing.

Once one brick has been defined, as a symbol then each other is just a placement, file size is not a huge problem.

Thats the vertical problem, next is the horizontal coursing, again I see the wall style being used to defile the start point, and rules set to use only full or half bricks, to set windows and doors or any other opening.

Interestingly, I have started to look at Solibri to inspect any IFC file, perhaps we can set up a rule to check coursing and show any conflict both vertical and horizontal, windows, doors and lintel heights, truss placement.

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