Tuesday, 24 November 2015

China Academy of Building Research (CABR)

In an excellent article in this months DEVELOP 3D magazine, the role of the China Academy of Building Research( CABR). The article is that the magazine calls Advertorial, so its an advert for the use of AMD, Firepro graphics card, and the way its been used to develop a new version of the Sausage module that is used to compute the effects of earthquakes on a building.

Part of the PKPM which is the mainstay of construction design system. I know absolutely nothing about PKPM and it's role within (CABR), so I have opened up a new line of research to understand why, how and when its used and by whom.

A first search brings up an article by Autodesk, looking at BIM, the PKPM, and CABR, but the first real stop has to be the CABR web site, and thankfully its in English, with a rather full menu so plenty to read through here. From first glance, it might seem that its a combination of tech building regs and British Standards pulled into one. but there is a lot to view and this will take some time. An excellent paper by the USA gov on the Chinese building regulation process, is also a great start.

Next is the PKPM. this software is a series of, CAD modules dealing with the building, structure, equipment ( water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical  ). This Chinese site roughly describes the software and its process. Either its been translated into English or Google translate has had a pretty good crack at it, either way its a translation and you have to read it several times to get the gist of it. But it's clear why Autodesk are making such a big play with their software and the PKPM. As a last read try this rather long pdf slide set, its very comprehensive and shows many great screen shots of the software suite being used.

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