Monday, 9 November 2015

Does Autodesk need IFC

Over the weekend, I began thinking about the simple question, "Does Autodesk need IFC", you have to wonder, when you see the full range of Autodesk programs, all integrated and supposedly working together.

As a marketing tool, it's a no brainer, lock every one into the family, there is no need to go else where.

But just in case we'll keep out links to IFC. I think they are missing to point. It's not that they are not doing a good job at the number of very good programs, but it just seems like if its not invented here then there is no use for it.

You might say the same for Apple, I have used Apple since 1985, and loved it, the method of working was great, but try going outside Apple, it has not changed, I want to share my slides, yes there is a link, but it is not like Google, who seem to give every single option to share, and make it easy.

Just a thought !

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