Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Eric Gradman of Two Bit Circus

You defiantly have to take this in, I mean really, take time and watch the Video from Leo Laport show "Triangulation" where he interviews Eric Gradman, of Two Bit Circus.

You will not be disappointed, believe me, I know the initial shop og hair and Mohican, can be a little off putting, but this guy and his company are worth looking at, some of the technology he is playing with, and I mean playing with, is well cutting edge. Is it part of your Architectural CPD, I think so, how, I have no idea, its the play/construction/construction/Programing that I find so good.

Watch the videos below, it will take time but I think you will enjoy, put it this way, I want an invite to his party.

First Watch the Leo Laport interview

Now watch the Ted presentation

The video below is just the first one, check out the main Two Bit Circus site to watch all in the series,

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