Friday, 27 November 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright & The Guggenhiene Museam

I always wanted to visit the Guggenheim, so on a visit to New York a couple of years ago, I took the time and paid to go inside. My friends, a mixture of Architect, technologists and QS's rave about it, and I expected a lot, but,,,,, it just did not live up to its reputation, a tired building that has many design flaws, and detailing that just is plain wrong.

I saw so many ooowing and aaaaaring, but I just could not see it, yes if you stand back and look at the building, I can see the Architecture as perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright might have wanted.

But as a technologist, I see the detail and it just does not add up, I visited in the late December, and the building was suffering from condensation at a lot of windows, getting the concrete spiral handrail detail perfect is difficult enough, but with no capping to take up the inaccuracies of casting, its almost impossible.

I have alway wanted to see Franks, working drawings and detail set, there are a lot out on the net, but I just do not know whats his or whats been done by others.

The Video below is a little one sided, so look at it with that in mind........ but watch the background and look for the detail.

Don't get me wrong, I do not dislike the building, its just the hype of Frank Lloyd Wright has led me to a certain level, and I felt let down.

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