Friday, 6 November 2015

Google indoor mapping

This article on City Metrics, on creating Google indoor mapping, is interesting, for existing buildings it could be a boon to internal shop or office owners wanting to get an easy fix on an internal map,

I still think adding our plans is the better way, as it allows easy updates, but still, its interesting. The kit is a little cumbersome. and a tad obvious, plus how long does it last without a charge.

Adding specific graphics is also a problem, I can see so many shops wanting their logo of corporate graphic jpg.

Apple getting in on the act is not surprising, but their map is not in the same league as Google so it's a watch and see for Apple Maps.

But indoor mapping is going to be big business, emergency escapes, show me the way to Starbucks, loads of possibilities.

I tried to get a route from home to JD Sports in the airport, it located it well and added a touch more info, then I asked it to show me a route from home, this it did well, till it got to the airport building, and then failed to show a routs through the internal map. So a way to go, plus it did not show what floor or that I should take a stair, or lift.

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