Thursday, 5 November 2015

Google Maps Update

Have you noticed that Google maps has changed, and for the good, I might add.I use Google Maps, almost daily, so often hourly, checking sites, sorting routes and just being bloody nosey.

But a service I liked a lot was missing, thats the send to devise, but, I was expecting it to be there as I sorted a complete route out, its not, its there when you search for a place, but goes as soon as you look at the route.

So take my advise, find the destination and send it to your phone and let the phone sort the route. Other changes are the return of the short URL, which you can find under Share, which is also where you can find the map embed code.

In all great improvements to Goole Maps, I keep telling my students how important Google Maps are to surveying and initial pre survey office prep.

Add to this the excellent internal maps we see for major malls, airports and public buildings.

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