Monday, 30 November 2015

persistent, interoperable identifiers – DOI's

I received just recently a note from the Construction Products Association, asking if I want to be part of a review of a new system being discussed to add specific identifiers to manufacturers products, as part of the BIM process, they seem to think I am a manufacturer !.

The whole concept can be seen on the Design Building Wiki, a site I have been reading for some time. I think its very early days for this but in principle,  its inevitable that we will do this, but there are several hurdle to overcome, what of the Agrement cert number, well it's not unique, as its date oriented, 97/1234, but maybe thats good, it still shows a life cycle, valid from !.

Most manufacturers already have a product number system, so often together with batch numbers and a manufacture date,  so are we heading for say a number that looks like 1234/01-11/2015, perhaps with  machine identifier a bar code might make this easier to apply, and the date problem is sorted.

The whole idea of this could be expanded to each building, we have the Post Code for this, but this relies on a part address, but what happens if the building needs a unique URL, to request data, should it now of the different numbers in the building, should it know of the exact location of each product number,,,,,,, could site add this as the materials come in, or could it be added to the model via a scanner once installed, bricks, blocks and say wall ties, might prove difficult, together with a host of other small components, so might numbers be allocated a particular element, say a wall to grid location or between grids.

You might even take a look at ISDN numbers used for books, similar, yes, but simple in comparison to the volume of materials produced just for one manufacturer.

The idea that a central database be used to locate and find a manufacturer from a number is interesting, I can easily see some manufacturers not liking this, to much control, and what about cross border sales, might one country block sales because their number is not used.

You might find numbers being looked at as something special, like car registrations in the UK hence why I like Barcodes.

So many questions and so many different ideas and concepts, this needs to be done, but it needs to be part of a wider concept view, which I think is still lacking in the whole BIM thing.

A search in Google Scholar, show this is not unique, there are several papers across many different subject and products, all trying to address this,,,,, I refuse to call it a problem, more the next stage in BIM.

Is this CPD, yes, we are the one's who may well end up applying a part if not all of this to our CAD models, so at least an understanding is needed, and perhaps a need to get involved, before it gets taken over by associations and committees.

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