Sunday, 1 November 2015

Questions on the IoT

I read Scoble, I like the way he moves with new technology, so when I saw his article on the IoT, (Internet of Things), I thought, this is interesting.

He had a conversation with a man called C├ędric Bollag, his answer to Scobles questioning, is well worth recording. I suggest that you go to Cedric's face book page and read the short article, then move to the Global Techbox page to follow through, some of the points, I expected, but some, well I sat down and thought them through. But rather than accept the list as the final answer, I sat back and started to add my own thoughts to the list, mostly as I watched the gymnastics on TV, so my mind was not completely engrossed in the subject.

I started to brain storm, when I was at Dow, I went on a course to learn how to make notes quickly and efficiently, I can't remember the chap who gave the lectures, I can't remember where, or what the method was called, but the method he taught stayed with me, even now I note the same way, hence I suppose the way I use Moleskins line eating sweets.

Reading and note taking is a skill, it takes time to learn to efficiently make notes, so they can easily be used, not only by you, but any one else. The latter part I so often fail at, my notes have cryptic clues and sketch's that so often only I can interpret. But I make notes thats the point.

I also store these notes electronically, via Evernote, I have looked at other systems, like Googles Keep, good that it is, it's still way behind Evernote in its use and method of info retrieval. Todays photo is of a screen grab I took from Google Maps, street view, I was showing my students how to make the best of site information, before they visited

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