Sunday, 1 November 2015

Snow Architects

On a rather frequent basis, I get a text to tell me Snow Architects have issued their paper, 

quick round up of world news

News roughly based around architecture, BIM and coworking



  • I normally get a mention for a blog post or link I have posted, but its not the real reason for going straight to the site, to read the paper, its simply a nice read.
    So often these things mislead, the first issue is ok, but tails off, or when you get there it's not been updated since the last issue, just a refresh.
    But I like this paper, it covers a wide range of topics, and it well laid out. Take my advice and sign up.
    I call it a paper, but really its a very nice blog site written within a framework called, its a sort of blog, assistant, go fetch article framework, that is quite impressive. It say free, but I think youl end up paying a small fee, about $9 month, but well worth it.

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