Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015, What a Year

As years go, 2015 must stand out, for me it was packed with everything, from a lot more teaching at the beginning, to my sons move to Hong Kong, to my blog being hacked, to a long holiday in France.

The blog though was and is a highlight, who ever hacked my site, a pox on you, but it caused me to review the whole set up, and move to Blogger, a simple yet effective platform, it does not have the bells and stuff Wordpress has, but I suddenly realised that its the content, not the fancy gizmo bit, interesting they are, that make a site, so a lot more effort on content. So how is it going well thanks for asking, so far the reach, according to Google Stats, is remarkably good, so far I have hit a large area, but I have a way to go.

The last time I looked at the map on Wordpress, I saw mostly dark green, so Thanks to the USA for getting there first, on the new site, I have auto directs from all my old site, so is your still going there, I hope no problem.

So 2016, whats my wish list, well Blogging, I would like a few more speaking engagements, see my personal website for more details. Next, I want to get at least one book out, I have two on the go, one on Architectural Technology, and one on 2D Vectorworks. Travel is high on the list, I want to see just a few Architectural buildings from my wish list. Academic papers I have a load on the list, so I want to get two or three published, one I have already sorted for ICAT, so two or three to go.

The Web site is more or less sorted, so 2016, I want to use it more, adding documents and articles.

My Bucket list of places, grows with every film, I watch, so some for the blog, some for me, my pictures tend to go on Flickr, so part of my list is to sort that out, is it still for me.

My own CPD is complicated, but part of my list has to include a Masters started this year, thats partly sorted, so 2016, needs to be finalised.

I have neglected YouTube for a while, so thats back on my list, to produce a few more, but split between my Students and me.

Thats it,  my 2016 wish list / Bucket list, lots to do, and certain changes to my past years.

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