Monday, 28 December 2015

A new Blog " hoffou framtioar"

I have started a new blog, as if I don't have time for this !, but I think its important to separate my futurist ideas and concepts away from my CPD blog, so head over to" hoffou framtioar" which I hope is reasonable translation from Icelandic for "look to the Future".

Why this name, well it was available, second I like the idea and third, I think I have Viking stock somewhere in my past lineage, so it all seemed a good idea at the time.

There are many things  I would like to write about, but they tend to blur with my CPD, so this is an attempt to isolate these thoughts and allow them room to grow and develop.

If I can I will save links and items connected with a particular subject in a public Evernote folder.

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