Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Car Parking

One of my lectures I give is the design of car parks, and as part of this I walk my student round at least one car park, explaining the design and operation.

Yet this is a low level approach to the problem of cars and what to do with them in big cities.
This article on ArchDaily, and very obviously one sided, takes a look at how Audi, might tackle the problem with self parking cars and reduced volume car park, with no pedestrian space.

Its an interesting problem, the other side is the way Uber might evolve and then there is Googles auto drive car, here we might just send it away to drive around till it's needed.

So many interesting concepts. Last time i was in New York I saw what can only be described as car jack that held two cars in what I recognised as garage car lifts.

I take the train to Birmingham every now and then, its a reminder just how difficult the problem is, getting onto a crowed train and putting up with time tables and ticket machines, only emphasises the need to sort out parking, because its so easy to drive in compared to the alternatives.

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