Monday, 14 December 2015

CPD records

I have for some time kept my cpd records via a spreadsheet, but over the last year, mostly due to teaching commitments, I have not kept it up, but as I have a little more time, I am back, and have started to fill in my records again.

Its an important job, you do need to keep a track of what, when and why, and where you got the information, I tend to store so much of what I read in Evernote, its just so easy to click the elephant and store a web page, or use my iPhone to scan in a page or article.

I wrote a detailed article on the spreadsheet make up some time back, take a look at my personal page for details, and also you can see the sheet with up to date hours as I type.

I have several projects on the go, and my paper to finish, so lots to go at

So Christmas is creeping up, and I still have loads to do, most of my presents are done, first time ever, normally I am rushing about, but this year for some reason its all done, thanks to Amazon I must state. Todays photo a small sketch I made to show brick coursing to my students, which reminds me I need to book the next CPD event, Ibstock have agreed to come and talk.

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