Monday, 7 December 2015

Mind Maps

I so often take my iPad into lectures or meetings and start Evernote to type notes re the meeting, and end up using my Moleskin to add notes that I find difficult to typer. They are links doodles and mind maps if concepts, ideas and just abstract thoughts that come into my mind. I so often then add the pages, there is always more than one, to the end of the evernote typing.

Tere are no rules to taking note, much lime my rule for Moleskins, I just make notes, scribles, links, pictures, sketch, all the time. I can look back and see thoughts long forgotten, if I write neat, then Evernote can find it, but sketches and doodles are still a little much for it, but hey, there is time.
I read several article over the weekend, and found a link to an excellent article on mind maps, How to use mind maps and a follow up, Mind map art, mine look nothing like theres, !! also an excellent article on "The Nw Yorker"

I still keep looking at Google Keep, but its so lacks behind Evernote,

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