Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Paris Climate Talks

Do we as Technologist really need to follow the Paris Climate Talks, the answer has to be yes on several levels, one we are probably more qualified than many of the people, who attended the meet, and decided or tried to decide, how we should tackle the problem, and secondly we can easily influence a lot of the problems by our detailing, specification and general design, plus its not a country problem, its a global problem, and we should take an interest.

So whats the best way to take note, well the article on the Huffinton Post by I think Eric Mann, is a dam good start, its a good intro into both the issues at stake, and the very political problems, plus the general misunderstanding on the measurements,

I suggest reading up on the Global temperture, the Nasa site is a good start, then try Roy Spencer and NOAA and finaly the Wiki Global Warming Page, if a tad frightening.

More sites

The Engineer

Then I suggest you take a look at any Passive Haus design page, the Passivehaus trust is a great start, or same site but their rules of thumb

Thats it for today, a bit doom and gloom, but its a problem that will not go away that easily, its going to take more than a bunch of political animals who have no real tech knowledge to sort it out, that I am afraid is really down to us.

There are many who seem to think its a load of whooy, well they have their opinion, but the evidence speaks for its self, its here, and its happening, todays graph I have seen fro several different sites, all say the same.
Take an interest please.

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