Monday, 25 January 2016

Cobie Spreadsheet use

Cobie Use
I have started to take a serious look at Cobie use as an Architectural Technologist, so I started first with who will want to use it, and came up with a sort of sketch of a projects time line, from design through to construction, through to client hand over.

Todays sketch is my first attempt to understand the flow of spreadsheet information, and some of the links that may arise, and what information may flow, from simple room areas, to door and window lists, through to zones and sub zones.

It was the last point I started to wonder about, my own experience in that zones created by us, so often get changed, ok fire zones, maybe not, but it got me thinking, about easting and northing zones, which would not be changed or renamed.

My view on Cobie files is that they are so ridged, but perhaps thats ok, at the end of the day, deep learning does not care, so I can see them being used by the contractor to link say purchase orders. And certainly clients will use the zones,. as will any computer program organising the building, for say room use.

It's plainly obvious that some programs are better than others at producing Cobie files, Revit has to be the easiest, as they are just part of every day life, constantly being produced & updated, automatically, and they are two way, instant change when a drawing is updated, and can also be updated in the produced spreadsheet, with instant updates on the drawing, Vectorworks, Archicad and so many others don't come near to this.

As always I did some online research, with the basics on Cobie and a couple of other informative sites on the use of Cobie files.

Yes I know the photo today is a little basic, but it's a thought, a way of taking links and trying to understand them.

My article on using spreadsheet, and linking them 

Cobie presentation

BS 1192-4:2014

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