Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Evernote as part of your research

A few days ago I posted a new blog, talked about an alternative way to recognise the value of CPD using proper research instead of sitting for an hour listening to a CPD lecture.

Well today I want to extend that article, by describing a way to add notes to your CPD list. I keep mine in a google Spreadsheet, and have all sorts of formula to add up and show the time I have spent on a subject, I also have a cell thats a link to an Evernote Folder thats got the research I made for that subject, its an easy way to organise notes, web links and articles you find. Not only is it easy to create, a folder link, but in your notes on the spreadsheet an individual link can be made to a specific article.

This is so easy to do, just right click on the folder in Evernote, choose publish and follow the "create link" for adding to your spreadsheet. I have tried this in Google Keep, but the links just don't work well, and as for saving web pages it only saves the URL, where Evernote saves the page complete.

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