Monday, 4 January 2016

Pitched roof Eaves Detail

This is an article I made some time back and it was saved to my Evernote account via ifTTT, I thought I might reblog it.

I went through some of my saved details this morning, well I have been doing it for about a week now, looking through saved scraps I have made, from Skirting’s, to Screws, to plasterboard details, to this detailpitched eaves-1, I found of a pitched roof eaves detail, I can’t remember where I found it, but its not bad, the ventilation is there, the insulation in the right place, the cold bridging has been almost removed, I might not use the small batten at the ceiling edge, but as a detail it works.

So often I have saved details and come back to then years later, wondering whats so special about this, well from now on I save things like this into Evernote, with a small detailed description, perhaps if I can remember where I got it, or if I was the creator, pertinent notes on construction, and may be where I used it. Perhaps I might change it, with a little more support for the soffit, and a note on ventilation holes, the gutter I might make a little larger, and show the swan neck down pipe, and fixing, plus maybe a wall ties, again it’s partial fill, and you know how I dislike full fill cavity’s. The ceiling rafter from the truss is not shown, and the ties to the wall plate are not there, but as a detail it has some good points, so I have kept it.
I have made a note as to the file name, but there is enough from this picture for me to re create it from scratch, plus my notes to improve. Little by little my blue book is slowly moving to Evernote. Plus I have restricted my Categories to just the bare minimum, one, and filled out the tags to the limit.

CPD is obvious, this took me about 30 mins to find, check, make notes and load into Evernote, a good use of time and will assist in the future.

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