Thursday, 7 January 2016

Ways to lay a Brick

I am currently researching Brickwork, for a new construction chapter on the subject, and as I was making notes, I suddenly wondered how many ways can I lay a brick, well the obvious way is stretcher, either long or as a header, we see is all the time in every bond, but there are other ways to see the brick face.
As a simple count, I listed 6 ways, thats the two main sides and oriented, see todays photo, but I think I can add two more thats a cut brick, King Closer and Queen Closer.

All are used in general brickwork, some as cills, or arch's, some as just plain decorative, some are there to correct the bond at corners or openings.

I can add two more thats as a herringbone, laid at an angle, face and end, and if I add colour and texture then the list becomes endless, so I thing 6 is the correct answer. But structurally the answer has to be 2.

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