Monday, 22 February 2016

Adding data to a CAD Object - Vectorworks

I want to continue the links I have been adding, re BIM, and how data can be added and linked. This last item is the one that seems to confuse, so stay with me I'll try and explain it all.

First lets consider how information can be added to a CAD drawing, and for my ease of mind, for this blog, I shall stick to Vectorworks, its the one I know best, I shall move to Autocad and Revit in the blogs to come.

Some time back I made two different videos on this subject, both are shown below, they show the ease and simplistic way data, of almost any shape and size can be added to almost anything in Vectorworks and named, but don't belie this as being low level, its not, this is simply the most powerful CAD database there is.

The first shows the way data can be added to a tree symbol and the second how this can be extracted via a report, and imported into a spreadsheet, read Cobie file.

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