Thursday, 25 February 2016

Looking at BIM from the Clients point of View - Client BIM Execution Plan

I had a really interesting BIM conversation last night with a colleague re how a client might look at a BIM BIM Execution Plan, and the difference in point of view, how he might well have a different opinion as to how BIM might be set up, what software being used, and the way information, ie Cobie files and any IFC files, should be formatted and read.

Most of my research, and thought process has been centred on the way we, as a practice , will set up the files, but if we are working for a large organisation who already have a set view on the building portfolio data, like a hospital, then a whole new set of criteria becomes relevant.

I want to explore this further so have added it to my CPD list, and will report here when I have more to offer.

Things like existing building databases, and room allocation and set up are well established so can BIM fit in and work with these existing structure, or will further work be required to create interfaces between BIM and the existing.

My argument was to update the existing to suite, but of course this might not be cost effective, and cause so much confusion in a hospital with so many different users.

Todays photo is so unrelated, to the article today, but this bench was on a long road in the Jewellery quarter Birmingham and just the right place to have a sit and watch the world go by.

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