Wednesday, 17 February 2016

PDF attachment to Google Calendar

You know how it is, I am booked to attend a big meet, the person organising it has sent some files out, but you need some others, the simple way is to create a desktop folder and pile them in, but you decide not to take the laptop, and just go with the iPad, ok save them to a dropbox folder, this works, but its taking up valuable space from your dropbox account.

Perhaps a better way is to save the files into your Google Calendar as pdf files, via the add attachment box,

The process, works for me, I can even operate from my iPhone which I always have with me, although some google cal apps not made by Google do not allow attachments, be careful, check, the photo below shows my iPhone and the Google cal app with a pdf attachment.

The file is actually saved to Google Drive, so the file is available available an alternate route, and I can make notes here as well.

I have done much the same via Evernote, which also works just fine and also has the benifit of allowing you to make notes too.

Is this CPD, not really, just being prepared, and setting up notes ready for a meet in a way that just works, no fuss.

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