Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Sharing Files correctly within the design Team using Vectorworks

In this blog, I will attermpt to show how I share files within a design team, the video below, I hope will make it all clear, and show the method I use.

I must admit this came originaly from a practice I worked ast a log time ago, and was set up using dwg files, all I have done here is also explain the way Vectorworks imports layers, I have used Vectorworks 2013, my current drawing package, although if you look carfully enough you can see I also have Vectorworks 2016, so I will replicate this later in the new 2016 version, I will also do it with IFC files not the raw Vectorwork files.

So take a lok at the video, I start by being the Architects practice, send out the files, I am then the Lift manufacturer, I reference the file show the position of the lift, and don't forget, my drawings are geolocated, I save it for future work, and save it again as a file to send back to the Architect, and also cleanit up, removing all the clutter, I keep in my file and and the referenced files i originaly added, I am now left with a small file that has the lift correctly positioned, and geolocated.

This I send back and the Architect practice who loads it in as a ref file and can now use the information, as its geolocated, the lift is in the correct position.

The Engineer and other consultants would do exactly the same, 

Look at the difference in file size doing it this way, also there is no conflict with the Architect files being sent back.

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