Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I thought I might put together some notes via a slide presentation re SUD's, or Sustainable Urban Drainage.

It should have a lot going for it, but sadly it's lost on the big house bumpers. and sadley a lot of big city developments.

I would like to see more rainwater retention, a deeper understanding of the need to slow down waters path to rivers and the sea.

More money given to look after our rivers, cleaning them restocking with the correct plant life and fish

More on the understanding of how aquifers' are regenerated, how important rivers are to us and our water supply, plus how we can still build in river floor plains and allow the flooding not to impact on houses,

None habitat space on the ground floor, stilt design, raised mounds, the list goes on, and as soon as planning takes the responsibility to encourage these designs the better.

I want to see more use of Inverted roofs, both pitched and flat, more green walls and how Grey water can be used to its fullest potential.

We need to understand how soakaways can be built and be more effective

Check out BS 8525-1:2010

As always the slides will be added to as I can or find new material

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