Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ways to overcome large CAD files bloated with unnecessary Data

In my last blog, I showed how easy it is to add data to almost any Vectorworks object, its not hard, and can add so much to a project, but there is a down side, that is the file can become large and over bloated with information, but taking a step back and looking at this, we can see a way out, and that is to add data like this onto separate files that are linked to the main file by relational links, or X ref files in Autocad.

This can be applied to Engineers structural drawings, heating and vent, planting, almost all services and specialist  drawings.

This can also apply both ways in any Architect, consultant relationship, where the Architects drawings are linked into the enginners drawings to lay out the steel, switching of the links when no longer required.

This keeps his file size to a min, and lowers the need for over rated computers purchased just to handle large files.

Plus the consultants only need to issue his drawing work, not the linked data which would cause so much confusion, as master files get updated.

I must stress, this relies upon a good knowledge of Eastings and Northings, and the correct setup of the drawings for it to ease linking, otherwise time will needless be spent on re alining linked drawings with obvious mistakes.

Also be careful using layer or class naming it's imperative to stop clash of imported drawing layers.

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