Thursday, 10 March 2016

An unpredictable Future

For all you futurist out there this report is not only required reading, but I might suggest its the basis of so many changes we are going to see in all walks of life.

Entitled "Samsung Shows What Our Somewhat-Upredictable Future Will Look Like" , and its going to so different, to what ever you think now, and its all down the the unpredictability of progress,

All manufacturers need to read this, and start thinking, what is going to affect my business plan, no wrong answers and certainly plenty of right answers, all suggestions are valid, the article makes big on the IoT and I for one so agree, but we need to break free from rigid thinking and open up ideas. I have just uploaded it to my Evernote Account.

My presentation on this, wakes up an audience, and asks so many questions, I have no firm concrete answers, but so many paths to suggest following.

Visit my Web page, for my list of presentations, including this presentation "The Manufacturers Glass ball"

I will go over what is, may be, and could be, for the manufacturer who sells into the Construction Industry.

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