Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Apple Campus Architecture

It can't have escaped your attention Apple are building a new Campus, there are loads of videos on Youtube, but this article on Mashable is the most up to date.

One thing that is not really in this article is the shear scale of the project, something the video's below show.

 I looked up the plans again and can't wait till its opened and finished, but one thing I noticed was the small circular building at the bottom of the plot that seems to have the roof held up with just the glass, you have to read the article, Fosters have in my book broken the mould, and made glass so much more a structural item, I can't wait to see the final views, although take a look at the video below, I think this building is now complete, and roof on. See the latest video at the end of this Article.

There is a latest video, made in March 2016 what a difference a year makes

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