Thursday, 24 March 2016

As Email goes, I have tried several different systems, at the University its the Microsoft system, and at home I started on Mac mail then gave Gmail a long trial, almost permanent, but just the last few days I went back to Apple Mail.

The reason is I use Mac products, and trying to balance life between the two quite different systems is some time not easy, I also did not set up my mail very well on gmail, I have several different mail addresses, and just forwarded a copy to gmail, this resulted in about 60,000 emails just sitting in different email accounts doing absolutely nothing.

They were all in imap format, but they just sat there costing me money, so I decided to invest two days to sort it out once and for all, so back to Apple Mail and I set up new accounts and used a vey simple script to set these up from my service provider, so simple I can only wonder why I did not do it earlier.

But then came to problem of syncing all that mail, it took the best part of a day to delete or save all that mail, I must admit as a lot if not most of it was backed up in gmail, I deleted most of it.

But now I have my Macbook Pro, my iPhone and iPad all syncing via map, and its very slick, mac mail is an excellent tool, but I do miss some of the features of gmail, and before you ask, it was just simpler to do in Mac Mail rather than a more complicated route in google.

I set up a few rules for mail I don't want to read, and thats just to difficult to stop, and several rules for mail I want a hard backup, and have routed these to Evernote.

So Mac is back and I must admit to being happy, no more large email deposits, no having to sync address books, and I am learning to use iCloud, although I don't think google drive will go away just yet, its to good.

So what has this to do with CPD, very little I must admit, although if your starting out and building a practice, think very carefully on what system you choose, Mac or Windows, and think very hard on your email system, Google is excellent, but don't expect an easy ride. I had some difficulty in setting up my Mac and one call to the Apple help line and it was sorted, try doing that with Google, almost none existent.

As for the Apple shops, the genius bar, and the shop staff are excellent, I have access to two shops, one in Solihull and one in Birmingham, make the appointment online and in you go, they can usually sort any problem. Again try this with Google,

Todays photo is a screen grab I took of a tv show that looked at solar power in Singapore.

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