Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Global Warming myth or fact

You might well ask if global warming is myth or fact, simple answer fact. One again the weather is showing an increase in temp, although you might not believe it, I walk my dog most days, and believe me some times I arrive back home thinking, its a myth, I am so cold.

But yu only have to look at the global weather data to see whats realy going on. This excellent article on Slate, is a realy good round up with an excellent picture of the globes weather temps, together with some great stats and graphs.

OK so I stole the same photo for today, I hope the original author ric Holthaus forgives. The article is well written in that he outlines the problems and gives some excellent links for further reading and research. If you have time watch the Geoengineering video, its a look at the basic problems and some ideas to fix the damage.

I have long stated that as technologists we need to study weather, its what we detai against, and some of the norms and standards we used to use are now wrong, and its up to us to step back and rewrite some of these standards.

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