Thursday, 3 March 2016

How far can we take 3D

How far can we take 3D, I had a conversation with a planning professor, recently, and he had no idea as to the use of even existence of Point Cloud, and was only just aware of how the industry is heading towards 3D and BIM, reason, he still received most if not all his planning applications the old way, simple elevations and plans.

I started to explain how the industry is heading, the use of 3D and BIM how data rich our files are now, by just clicking onto any portion of the structure a full spec of that material will appear, why do I need to make flat 2D drawings.

His first argument was the way they have a responsibility t the general public to take in comment, if they can't read the drawings,,,,, etc, my argument was to show a 3D image and compare it to a flat 2D elevation, the 3D image was easier to read.

Next point cloud, again he was astounded that we were at such a level, as we all know the street scene to a planner is the first point of reference to a planning application, how will it fit, adding our 3D image to a point cloud 3D render made the difference.

So the question is can we move forward, do flat 2D elevations and old style specs still have a place in planning, or should we be pushing to to a more 3D world. I like to think so but there will be stiff opposition the paper world planners still live in, the files being electronic, the public, how will the planner read the files, Solibri being the obvious answer.

Adding building Regs to the same list comes a very near second, but I am glad to say, their interaction with the CAD files we use is in my experience a little more up market than planners. but paper is still king, this we need to tackle.

As for the photo, see yesredays blog on weather, I just love to flow of weather round the planet,

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