Wednesday, 9 March 2016

In or Out of Europe for the Architectural Technologist

Over the next few weeks as we head for the poles on the 5th May 2016, we are going to get some pressure from both sides to vote one way or the other.

Foe me its not a simple yes or no, I have many questions, and all I can say at present is I am errring on the Exit side, mostly because of the way law is added to the UK by none elected people, and who I have no control over,,,,,,  but I will change my side several times in the weeks to come, so before I final head one way or the other I need to ask some questions, research some facts and read a little,

But one area I have been asked is, will an exist affect the UK Architectural Technology Market. The simple answer is I have no real idea, I have a gut feel and its more the labour market for site more than anything else, but perhaps we need to sit and think things through a little.

So my starting list of items to consider looks like this :


  • We loose a wide pool of general contractor labour
  • Some materials might be more expensive
  • Jobs for local projects probably will increase as European offices open up UK branch for tax and administrative reasons
  • I have not really seen many projects in the EU being that important to UK Architects, so leaving might not matter here, Big global projects for the like of Zaha Hadid and Foster offer no change.
  • But the question of investment in the Uk still bothers me, a lot to be looked at on this point
  • Some materials might be limited or have a import tax added, costs might go up, manufacturing here, is it better
  • BBA certificate cross boarders never really worked so no change
  • Current British standards harmonised to EU:BS might revert back, but why bother they are good standards and keeping in sink will help even if we leave.
  • What do the USA think, they have always stated the UK is their contact with the EU, does leaving alter that, good or bad !
  • The political question of England Ireland and Scotland, what if one votes the opposite way to England, this 2015  article by Jane Merrick on the independent site explores this.
  • We still have a large pool of contractor staff
  • BS will inevitable remain the same
  • Same goes for Building Regs
  • Material supply remain the same
  • Life goes on no change
As you can see, a lot to think about, so I shall come back to this post several times I think in the weeks to come, to update and add comment.

But in the meantime take a look at this excellent article on Building Specifier aimed squarely at the construction industry by Jamie Smith on leaving or not the EU, and this article in the Huffington Post by Simon Thomas argues some good points on Investment and the problems of leaving.

I am beginning to see that its not just a question of Architectural Jobs or just the Construction industry, there are a lot of interwoven links and internal political problems to be considered.

Take a long look at this article in this sat Daily Mail Melvyn King ex head of the Bank of England talks about Europe, seems to me it's another reason to leave.

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