Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A list of SitesThe University is going great, lots of interesting work being produced, I have the SUDS material to mark this week, looking forward to it.

It's not been an easy few weeks, so much to do and so little time, the blog had to go on hold for a while, whilst I caught up.
But thats it, I am back , I hope without interruption for a while.
Todays photo is on all the blogs I run, although this is my main outlet for writing, the others are also used, so please use the list below to take a gander ever now and them

 I think I may have mentioned it previously, the old archive is back up in all its glory, ( Konstrukshon CPD Archive All the blogs from the old site )

I have also swapped back to Mac Mail, and most things Mac, not because I do not like Google, but because was just a little tired of the slight conflict you get, trying to run a Mac whilst using some of Google products, Its a waste of good resources, so I am back to Mac.

Old construction is still a major interest, I have joined a group called AEEBC ( The Association of European Building Experts ) to help write a book on the subjects, we had the first meet yesterday at CIAT, City Road, very excited about that.

One area of book writing has interested me yet again is the format, paper, or electronic, I use both, and can't really decide whats best, so keep tags on Smintke where I will try and explore my thoughts.

My Site List :

My Blog List
O- Konstrukshon CPD My CPD blogs ( This Site )
O- Konstrukshon CPD Archive All the blogs from the old site
O- Scays Its all about the Name Scaysbrook
O- Horfðu framtíðar My Futurist thoughts and ideas
O- Konrannsoknir Research and storage of ideas

O- Smintke Electronic Book Writing

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