Thursday, 14 April 2016

Architecture & VR

You can't have missed it, VR is going to be big, and I am not just talking gaming, but the whole gambit of VR is going to touch all aspects of viewing not only video, and games, but Architecture, manufacturing and dare I say Medicine.

But lets take the two I am interested in Architecture and Manufacturing. A few years ago I went to Manchester to see the CAVE environment at Manchester University, and was literally blown apart by being so immersed inside a building, and being able to touch and move objects, it was clunky and slow, plus the hardware was not cheap. But that is changing and I for one will be watching it with interest. I have purchased a card Google holder, and hope to report on the unwrapping and use in future blogs.

I have shown and talked about the World Builder video for so long, it's what I envision the next generation of Cad to be, and Oculus Rift and the others are pushing that reality forward. I would explore you to track Scoble who is this week moving from Backspace to a VR Media company called Upload VR, and its here I have loaded up my request for their news letter.

So how can we move from the present CAD programs to a world of VR, do we need to some might ask. I think so, but there will be a slow migration from our current Cad to what I perceive in the film World Builder.

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