Monday, 25 April 2016

Backscatter Technology become WISP

You might remember, but some time back I wrote on the way Backscatter Technology, was taking my interest, big time, well a lot has gone on since, not only have I been writing Academic papers, but the really clever researchers have been expanding the technology.

It now seems possible that we can program the sensor, and make it act like a simple computer, not so much it can run games, but more simple calcs acting like a small computer. From my research its seems to be in the low end of what you might find in a FitBit watch. The University of Washington have been looking at this and have a rather good website paper for your reading.

Still this takes the whole concept of Sensors to the next level, and beyond. In one paper the researcher had made a simple black and white camera, all powered by Backscatter ambient energy. If you can't access academic papers, you might be missing out on a lot of research, I have written my research up into a 1 hour CPD program.

So perhaps instead of the sensor just sending loads of data, most of which might just be of no use, the unit would be able to do small calc based upon its readings and that perhaps of its near neighbours, and only send info when there was something interesting to report.

Another problem is the way a sensor knows its location, previously we had thought that the room sensor would do the calc, but now it seems once the room sensor pings the room and asks if there are any sensors, the returns are calculated, and  it tells each sensor where it is in space, and its programmed into the sensor.

This brings up another problem, that of ID, each sensor needs some form of ID, well why not its Easting & Northing plus it's height, or X,Y, & Z, no two sensors can occupy the same space, so each would be different. Another big reason to understand simple mapping and the difference between Lat Long, and Easting & Northings. Again the subject of a 1 hour CPD presentation.

Is your a manufacturer, then this is something you should be investigating, it's the start of the IoT, and beyond, miss it now and you'll be left behind, again I have several 1 hour CPD presentations on this.

The video below explains some of the technology, but I think its wise to start building up some of your own research on this starting where I first began, at the article and saving information to Evernote, or your preferred archive personal data store.

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