Monday, 18 April 2016

Climate change might well be a huge global problem, but for some its a real oportunity

Todays headline might all look strange, but bear with me, its not so bad. True the planet is changing and for many it brings untold problems. But for some manufacturers, its an opportunity for new products, that business needs, and a challenge the planet needs them to take up.

The increased activity on several levels that humanity has orchestrated by their rampant need to use fuel and not see the damage it caused, the way we discard rubbish,  the single minded view that the planet can absorb what ever pollutant we emit with no problem.

But we now know thats not the case, so many good scientists are proving time and time again we have altered the planet, and no matter what we do , its not and easy, fix , what ever we do will not slow down the change, its going to happen, the planets getting warmer.

So  governments will meet, spend millions on debate, make huge promises, and argue as to the best solution. But the real power in all this lies not with governments not with people power as you might think, more with manufacturers who will devise, invent, even change existing products that will have the difference. manufacturers can even change attitudes and slowly bring down the toxic levels to former industrial levels. Look at the way Elon Musk is altering power concepts with his cars and battery  technology.

Thats one side of the argument, the other is we will certainly have to live with climate change for at least one perhaps two generations, and the real money might lie with products that will help us cope with the increased temperatures, provide alternative power, and design new ways of living.

My lecture is centred on all the items above and more, it lasts about an hour, its quick paced, full of ideas and above all entertaining,who said life changing concepts had to be boring. To book me please contact me via the contacts page.

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