Thursday, 28 April 2016

On Air CPD with Podcasts

I am a massive fan of podcast, they are usually the audio versions but some like Leo La Ports Twit shows I often take as the lite video version.

I am appalled that so much is made of strict manufacturer lectures,  have aired my feelings on this in many of my blogs, and just recently at the Region 5 meet.

Its to ridged and inflexible, perhaps another way is to listen to the many podcasts that are available, My list stretches from History, through to Technology, touching on a little social, and a lot of global news both general , and political, the SA elections at present are a real interest.

But Tech news for computing is probably my favourite at the moment with Twit tv blogs, I like This week in Google, even though I have gone away from them back to Apple, and Triangulation. a show that looks at the greats of computing.

The FT is my business new blog, and I also like the Guardian, although I don't buy the paper, the podcast is not bad.

I don't have to make a specific time, to listen to my blogs, I tend to do it either driving, or walking my dog, don't ask, Barley is well up to speed on computing.

I am also a big fan of Science and love the Guardian's Science podcast.
All downloadable from iTunes store and onto the Podcast play app, which auto downloads all my listening and shows them as unplayed,

There are not many construction podcasts of note, I am trying "The Construction Leading Edge Podcast" at present, it seems to publish quite regularly, 7 issues so far this year 2016, so I'll let you know. Its lot and I mean a lot of effort to produce a show thats worthy of releasing, so I am not surprised at the lack of shows related to our industry, I would like one just for us, and I have thought about it many times, but the time just is not there.

So there it is, another way to increase your quality CPD without spending at leat 2 hours either side of a 1 hour manufacture presentation, just plug in and enjoy.

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