Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Poorly Written Literature

How many times, have you been put of using a product, because the technical literature is badly written. It happens to me more than I care to admit, sometimes I just battle on simply because its the only product that will do the job, but so often, I go looking for something new.

  • When I wrote literature I took care, will the literature lie flat on a desk, can I leave a page open without the folder closing. a symptom of plastic folders !.
  • Does the text, tell me specifically what the product does, no sales waffle, give me the facts.
  • Can I see good, clear Technical drawings, that show me exactly how its fitted into the detail.
  • Does it make reference to the building regulations,
  • Are the drawings available as a CAD download in several formats, Vectorworks, Rewvit, Sketchup, Archicad, Dwg
  • Are the CAD drawings correctly drawn for both 2D and 3D, with full specs attached so they work for IFC.
  • Does it have an agrement certificate,
  • Is there a clear dedicated telephone line to a technical help desk. I don't want a sales person, a simple clear techy is just fine.
  • Is it available in pdf
  • Finally please put of a CI/sfb logo and code for the library, some of us still use it.

Its not much to ask, yet companies spend £1000's on literature and its useless, and before you question me on paper or PDF, I like both, somedays it has two be paper.

And a final message to marketing people, you do not know construction, so why do you think you can write tech literature, give it to the tech department,.

Thats it, its not so hard, good quality Technical Literature, is this CPD, dam right it is, make it a quest, comment back to the manufacturer if literature is bad.

I love todays photo, "I think, there fore I am", seems to fit my current frustration with literature, think before you send out bad literature.

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