Friday, 1 April 2016

Skype - Office Telephone Number

Whilst I am on a roll with reorganising my office internet, I thought I might let you all know how I use the Telephone. My office line is a paid for Skype line, which means no matter where I an as soon as I open up my laptop, or switch on my iPhone or iPad, my office is open, and that can be anywhere in the world. so if I take a week or so of then I can still get called if I want them that is.

The Skype system will allow messages to be left and picked up at my convenience.

I tend to use my Mac Address book to the fullest, Skype can access this so making called is so easy, I do a search and up comes a list of all the contacts for that person, Skype, Mac so cool, and of course its the cheapest call ever, I phone the USA and Canada a few times a year, and the call is routed through the internet to the cheapest method.

Some times I like to use my iPhone, its known to many and they see me light up their phone, but working and holding a phone is not so compatible, so I use the address book and find who I want to talk to and click the phone icon, this calls via my iPhone and I can talk hands free, ok I can do the came direct with the phone, but the Mac adress book is so much easier I think.

Thats it, my mobile office coms system, all rolled up into my mac and Skype. I have tried Google and yes it does work well, but as I am Mac oriented,  !!!

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