Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Facebook and Twitter

Once again, I seem to be tied to time, and be so busy as not to find time to blog, so I have been using Facebook to record sites I thing are worthy of looking at, I use my Konstrukshon CPD page for most of this, please drop by and check out, I also use ifTTT to notify Twitter of all posts, so perhaps you might like to follow me there, @scays is the address, I also use Google+ to link articles from both here and Facebook, again using ifTTT .

Finding time to blog correctly at this time of year is proving not difficult, but a constant itch that I sometime have to scratch, I love blogging and sharing good construction info and knowledge.

Email is getting a bore, I seem to get so much junk, it was interesting at the time, or someone has got hold of my email address, but today I solved the problem, I have created a rule, this rule sends ant email address I have added to a specific folder, I might scan through them but I am afraid most will get the boot. You might ask why not do it straight away, just in case is my answer !!!!

So there it is, bit immediate blogs go to my Konstrukshon Page, of keep checking in, University will finish soon and time will allow me to blog in detail hear.

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