Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Future of Energy

For the past few days, I have had time to look for papers and research on the way the UK will look at energy, there are a lot of reports available on the web, but each one is written with a particular slant to it, the Engineers looking for massive structure, the Government looking for tax, all the various business units looking to enhance their particular corner.

The recent exit from the European Union, has opened up a need to look at this in a new way, we are an island, we have many forms of energy resources available to us, long term and short term.

I can't find a paper academic or other, that looks at the whole gambit, of energy, from small users to the mainline industrial needs, the way solar can balance with other renewables, to the way things like my computer consume power, and the manufacturers views on power consumption for  the way we live and work.

Is energy consumption guided by the need to generate jobs, I hope not.

Energy is all encompassing to the survival of the human race, I was going to say the planet, but the Earth got on just fine till our insatiable needs started to upset the natural balance.

I don't have an answer, all I have are questions, Is Nuclear power right, is my belief in the sun powered devices well founded. do we need the electrical grid, is micro grid the way. Is Elon Musk right in his storage methods, does the electric car really make a difference, and do I need to travel so often to teach or do business.

As as for planning, are we right to have such a rigid enforcement of shape, orientation, material use thrust upon us, and how will any energy strategy impact of the existing building stock, notice I am looking at all types of existing buildings, historic through to modern.

My dad, alway used to say put on another layer, if your cold, in todays society, I think its not easy to do, the thermostat is so convenient, and looking back to cold damp houses it not a rosey memory.

BIM the darling of the industry, has it a place in energy usage, I tend to think it might, but true to my ethos in this research, I remain open, but you can be sure it will be looked at.

So what am I going to do, well my own research for one, I will open up a new CPD project called "Long term Energy", I am going to look at as many aspects of energy I  find, I will be as unbiased as I can, Yes climate is a criteria I think will be high on my list. The Report commissioned by the Government and written by the Royal Academy of Engineering, despite my opening remarks, offers a good guide, and the Wiki article on UK Energy is also a must read, and has excellent links and further reading.

My Evernote note book is now established, and I shall add clips and what ever I find into it, I am keen to share this research and get some sort of dialog going, if you want to share or link to my evernote notebook, drop me a comment of send an email.