Wednesday, 14 September 2016

VR photos

For many reason, I have not used Google much of late, no reason other than they threatened me with extinction if I did not change a name I have been using since the very beginning of Google. It scared me a little, so I went back to Mac and the Apple Sphere.

Its a little different, but when you use a Mac and live in Google, but thats mostly behind me, as mail, calendar and a few other apps are now mostly Apple.

But try as I might, Google does not go away, so the blog I transferred here, is again being used.
This time to report on another google product that of Google Cardboard Camera, for taking VR photos.

This just has to be a turning point for so many people, but for surveying, it has to open a new dimension in recording a room, ok the distortion does not help, but that will go, but its so good to spin a room and get the content and relationship thats just not available in a set of 2D photos, or a video, which I still take out of habit.

And its available on the iPhone, the survey tool of choice, this link will take you to an excellent article on 9 to 5 Mac with their own links to the App store.

A lot of Article I post on all my usual haunts, Linkedin,Facebook Konstrukshon page, twitter, Google +,  yes I still like this forum.

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