Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Curzon Street Station and the effects of HS2

Well for some time I have been collecting notes, photos and old maps of the way Curzon street station is being looked at in view of the now almost certain HS2 station thats going to be built right along side this wonderful old building.

Currently its all a little sketchy as to how or what will be built, so I plan to take this spare time to record and look at all I can.
This slide presentation was meant for my students, but its fast turning into some form of archive of information as I find it,

Currently I am looking at old maps to see what burial grounds will be affected, I think there are two main sites, one adjacent to Moor street station called Park Street, from what I can tell its an oversspill cemetery that was for the poor, and got filled with mostly women and children, early days on this so need to look further.  Park Street is used as a park space, so I will take a walk up there and take a load of photos and video.The other to the east of the site and one I have yet to research.

Talking to an archeologist recently, it seems there are specialist contractors who do this sort of work. From what I know Mott McDonalds have the main contract, so perhaps I will make enquiries there, not because I want to stop anything, just record and keep an open log for future research.

Interestingly this is a great BIM project, just because of the diversity of data that will have to be added to any drawing set, from the Heritage side, and from the archeology perspective, a side I know little of, so another learning path I think. I have added links to the ref slide on this, one to Mola and one to Wessex Arcaeology

MOLA, a member of the BIM4Heritage group published this interesting blog article on the subject.

If any one has experience of the archeologist BIM side perhaps you might drop me a line.

Todays map clearly shows the station and sheds for both Passenger and goods, I alway thought the Curzon street building and sheds were goods only, but several old maps clearly say that the Station was for passengers, and the upper shed goods. A trip to Birmingham City Libra
ry might be in order to see just what and how this station was used, plus the volumes involved.

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