Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Hovering between Apple & Google

I hover between Google and Apple, my primary is Apple, it has to be, but Google Becons so often, Notice though Microsoft does not get mentioned here, I will use anything rather than go here, the University has Microsoft OS and I have to use it some times, but if I can link my Mac into the plus on the wall for Internet, or presentation them I will.

My last blog was on the trials I an going through with Google Keep and Evernote, and thats on going, and will be, it might end up with me again hanging in the coats of both, but leaning to Apple. The real test will come so soon, I dropped , yet again, my iPhone 5s, this time I managed to slightly dislodge the screen from the metal band, it seems not to make much difference, but, i think its time to look for an upgrade. What I will wait for is Apples big show, if the rumours are right, them I might be tempted, otherwise I will be looking for a deal, on a slightly older model 7, or a Pixel, but if I go that route then Apple might well loose to Google for a long time, something I dread.

Last night, I started re organising my Gmail account, I don’t use it much except for emergencies, like my trip to the Caribbean recently, the ships wifi was so bad, Mac mail would pick up, but not send, but Gmail would, nice to, I used it infrequently to send notes out, but the moment I got back Apple mail was working just fine till I had one of those moments to clean up the labels in gmail, I had no need to, and wished for a while I did not, but I did, and Mac Mail which I link to gmail, had a small tantrum, and crashed. I went online to Apple and got a screen dialog going with an Apple Engineer, after 15 mins he had it sorted, found the problem and told me how to fix it, easily.

So problem solved, mail started to flow in, and low and behold, my free Mooc on Data use, came in telling me I can start on the course next month, Whooooo, great, but scary, I am a Technologist, who can use a variety of CAD formats, I teach construction and CAD use, the buzz word BIM has now taken over, and to a certain extent, its annoying, data has been present on our CAD files for a long while, and as we progress, we are finding ways to use it, being confined by government as to how I might develop this, is the annoying part, the Mooc course, I hope is going to break me free and allow me to expand the data I know is there and combine it in ways that I know might be possible and exciting, some of my friends call it the box effect, looking at it outside of that controlled environment. And its here that Google raises its head once more, Their understanding of Data, there cloud environment, but best of all their spreadsheet, and how I might use it. Apples spreadsheet, just sucks at this.

As they say in these circles, I’ll let your know, but for now its just a waiting game, and time I intend to watch some of the existing video, and start reading how to use “R”.  Scary, oooh yesy, I have dealt with bricks and mortar for far to long, bending my head to these concepts is going to be so much fun.

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