Sunday, 12 March 2017

Keep and Evernote battle for my attention

In December 2016 I compared Google keep to my then, usual data repository, Evernote, and microsoft's one note plus apples notes. Since then, some three month have passed and I have kept up a duel usage with just Evernote and keep. The other two just lack  in there use with me, apples product is a good note keeper but lacks some how in comparison. And one note, well t just would not sync with my iPad and iPhone. So it was keep and Evernote.

Evernote is huge, I have so much tucked away in it, but finding it was sometimes a chore, it searches just to well, and I could never remember how to limit the search engine enough to weed out all but what I wanted to see. Keep is well simpler, easier to search, but what gained my attention was the simple way it now integrates with Google Dock as a side panel, allowing such an easy way to drag all or a portion into the doc.

I will stay with Evernote, I have so much tucked away, but in the Lastweek, I find myself using keep more and more because it's so simple to use. I have even used the Evernote link for some documents I want in both places and a stack of british standards I use regularly together with my PDFs copies of the building regs, downloaded to my keep folder in google drive linked to keep.

So there it is, keep is not the final winner, but it's getting a lot more use than I thought was possible, I still write most of my major papers and articles in Apple pages, but given keeps influence now that might change. I pay for Dropbox and Apple iCloud as storage in the cloud, both work well, I recently went on a long cruise and at one stage was it not connected to wifi contact for almost 7 days. Apart from email this was not a problem writing in Apple pages, or watching the films I had purchased, the ship collection lacked any good SciFi !!, using Google products without wifi just seems a waste of effort to even try. But come any port and link to the net, Google came to life, in all its glory, picking up mail and sending files I had made as attachments to gmail. Apple mail on the other hand just did not play well, downloading ok but failing to send anything.

I travel infrequently outside of the U.K now, so the cruise wifi problem is not the norm, but it made me realise just how good Google is when wifi is good, and I wonder how long it will be before I move entirely over. One draw back is the CAD package, I use Vectorworks, the version I use is Apple and it will be a long while before I even want to leave it, but Sketch up is looking interesting, and their beta that works within a browser is gaining function and is looking pretty dam good. If it is progressed, then a chrome book might swing it and Google becomes all I want, to both write, draw Plans and detail. But that's for another blog post, which might not be that long in the future.

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