Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mobile dies - Is that the end of life

Like so many, leaving home without a mobiles is--- well it just does not happen, and if I do, then I worry all day long, what have I missed, simple answer not much.

So when I dropped my phone the other day, I was so pleased, no damage, phew, but then last night I did it again, this time its cracked the screen, to the top right, ok it still works, and a little Sellotape is holding the glass in place.

I sat watching the TV later on, surfing the net looking for a replacement, and backed away, the price for even the next version up to my current iPhone, a 5s is banging on £500, so I sat there wondering why I need to spend this much on a phone that rarely rings,

OK text is not in this league I get loads all day long, but again, I sat back and looked at them, tittle tattle, jokes, some very funny, a few from my bank, and thats it, I get more on Skype.

My music is important to me, so are the vast number of podcasts I listen to as I walk my dog, is this what I pay for, mostly I think.

Navigation is also a side of my phone I use increasingly a lot, not because I don't know the way, but because I want to know what time I will arrive, and the phone is eerily accurate.

So what to do I do next, stick with the Sellotape, buy a new machine or go without. my pocket is saying stay with the sellotape, its still working, although I suddenly realised I have a policy with my bank that will replace of repare my mobile, so maybe I will travel this route first.

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