Thursday, 13 April 2017

ArchonCad - Jon Pickup Posted Vectorworks, Articles, Lecture videos

Jon Pickup has been prolific this month with his Vectorworks Video Lectures and tips postings. I have know Jon for a long time and watched his site with all his excellent videos and books, grow to one of the best repositories of Vectorworks help on the net.

The list below is this months list and its a doozey, you have to be a member to view the files, buts thats only right and proper, Jon spends a life time getting his manuals ready and correct, plus the videos that go through the various work.

Todays photo is of the moon creeping behind the earth, I recently gave a presentation on this, the way the moon was created and its effect on our weather even now.

epodcast202 - Nudge Tips

Nudge is where you move objects a small amount using the shift+arrow keys. it
can be useful, but watch out if you need to measure the objects. There are
also Vectorworks Preferences that control the nudging. In this extended podcast
I explain all the options.

1703_03 - Record Formats - Advanced Topics

These topics are the advanced topics. In this part of the manual we going to
cover the topics that really use the power of the record formats.

1703_02 - Record Formats - Intermediate Topics

In the previous section we looked at the basic concept of the Record Format. In
this section will look at using record formats with other objects. Record format
is a very powerful when attached to objects, especially symbols.

1703_01 - Record Formats - Beginner Topics

A record format is a way to record information on an object. The record format
can be a simple one that only records one piece of information about an object.
But your record format can also be a complex one that will record several pieces
of information about an object.

1702_03 - Creating Drawings for A Landscape Project - Advanced Topics

In the previous section we looked at several objects that will speed up the
drawing process, especially when we come to create elevations, sections, and
links between drawings.

1702_02 - Creating Drawings for A Landscape Project - Intermediate Topics

The previous section was all about beginner topics, these are topics that
everyone should know. This section is all about the intermediate topics that you
will need to know in order to create your drawings from the 3D model.
This section will be about how the 3D parts of the design work.

1702_01 - Creating Drawings for A Landscape Project - Introduction

These are topics are the foundations of creating drawings. Creating the
information is nothing if you cannot organise it into drawings.
To create drawings we use several concepts. These concepts include Design
layers, Classes, Viewports, and Sheet Layers. These concepts are used in
conjunction with each other to create a drawings, but we will be looking at them
individually to see how they used.

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