Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Curzon Street Station, Birmingham

One of the many reasons I stay with Google Drive, oh and by the way, I have updated my subscription to 1TB, is the way I can so easily share slides and papers. Not with actual copies, but electronic links, I suppose its a pass from the old Wave, what ever I like it a lot.

I am currently doing a little research on Curzon Street Station, its now ben boarded up, following the go ahead, so no access, but there are a lot of photos about, and a lot of information, so I have been collecting it as and when I can, a lot comes from the web, and just some from other sources, like older paper archives I got from some where.

I have used Google Slides to pull a lot together, for no other reason than I wanted to give a presentation to a few local friends, and like minded colleagues, but as alway it grew and grew.

I plan to add a load of photos to the presentation, as a link from my Google photos, again its so easy to do this.

So for all you local station lovers, if you have any information I can use, drop me a line and I'll give full credits. I have been adding notes and links to the lecturer section, as an aid, I plan to go to Birmingham Library to research some dates and people involved.

The Park Street Cemetery is of particular interest at present as HS2 will go through the centre of it.

The CPD for me is a little history, plus I want to update the plans and elevation, plus 3D them.

But till then enjoy

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