Monday, 17 April 2017

Google Cloud NEXT event, London 4th May 2017

I have my pass for the Google Cloud Next meet on the 4th May 2017, although as yet I have only the pass for one day, I would so like to attend on the 3rd, so here's hoping.

But back to the subject matter of Data, , I have planned out a long day of lectures, and for once I am not giving a single second on stage, this is a chance for me to sit back and learn. the presenters methods of teaching, the subject matter, and the networking possibilities.

A long time back, I wrote a blog on the old site about planning a day like this, just attending is a waste of time, to get the most of the day, I intend to prepare.

First I have listed my lectures, the days is packed with so many alternatives :,

09.15 - 10.45
Brad Calder, Greg DeMichillie and Matt McNeil


Breakout three
Google Cloud Functions and Firebase
Speaker: TBC

Breakout one
Cloud Spanner 101: Google's mission-critical relational database
Speaker: Fausto Ibarra


Breakout five
New Hangouts - What you need to know
Speaker: Serge Lachapelle

Breakout three
Google Cloud Storage: best practices for selecting the right storage class, reliability, performance and scalability
Speaker: Kirill Tropin

Breakout three
Using Google's Identity as a Service (IDaaS) for GCP and G Suite
Speaker: Sriram Karra

Now I need to add notes to the "Google keep" stack I have created, oh and yes, I seem to be using Keep so much more these days.

Next is getting there on time with room to spare, so for me it's a train to Marylebone, then tube out to ExCel

Then is there any one to meet there, so far its a zero, but I have posted my attendance in the usual places so lets see.

Next its my kit, I plan to take just enough to survive, so its my Mac, power, and phone, should I take the iPad, no to much weight. moleskin and some writing material, a couple of pens, pencil and marker.

Thats it, now to research on each lecture to make sure I understand whats being talked about.

I have added labels to this posting, as always, but I have added one in particular, thats the label "Data Convergence", as Architectural Technologists move forward we need to understand how data, and the abundance of it, from so many different places, will affect the way we detail, This day, I hope will lay a lot of foundation work that will help me understand this.

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